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BulstonPenny is a science firm that seamlessly captures knowledge and logic to redefine data architecture.

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A Passion for Learning?

Find the data you need with our extensive data platform. Mine or generate unique statistics to make logical and current decisions.


Experience the fusion of time-driven data and expertise with BulstonPenny’s Data Science Platform.


Experience the knowledge of logic and reason with BulstonPenny’s Data Science Platform


Experience the grandiose thought with expertise at BulstonPenny’s Data Science Platform.


Experience the fusion of mind and body dualism with BulstonPenny’s Data Science Platform.


Experience the fusion of learning and development with BulstonPenny’s Data Science Platform.


Explore hundreds of thousands of logically generated rows of data with BulstonPenny’s Data Science Platform.

A Future Vision…

Our goal is to align knowledge with data. We produce logistics and classifications with machine learning.

BulstonPenny’s Mentor App

  • Explore education.
  • Know truth.
  • Provide insight.
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BulstonPenny’s Newsletter

  • Information on recent data trends.
  • Case studies on new statistics.
  • Exclusive access to ML testing.

“BulstonPenny has bestowed guidance that graced me with insights and knowledge that I didn’t think was possible.”

Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint

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